Sunday, December 12, 2010

Roman and a Gypsy

Its been a long time since I wrote my last blog post and a lot has changed and some stuff is still the same. I still work in NYC and spend way to much of my life traveling. The biggest differences about me now and from my last blog post is weight.

Have you ever heard of the freshman fifteen? (its how everyone gains 15 pounds there first year in college)

Well the freshman fifteen should also apply to your first job.Working and traveling is so hard and it took a tole on my body for the worst. My first few weeks I made sure to have a snack drawer just so I could keep eating to give me enough energy to get through the day. After the second month I didn't have my snack drawer anymore. I just was drinking 3 cups of coffee a day. I had my 9:15, my 12:30 and my 3:50 cups of coffee. Seriously, Coffee is the fucking Bee's Knees. I mean I cant get enough of it.

Does Anyone remember my last blog post about what I should be for Halloween? Well, I decided on being a Roman Gladiator while wearing a helmet from the show Spartacus. Everywhere I went throughout the night people kept on coming up to me and saying I AM SPARTACUS! I looked so fucking good you wouldn't even believe. I looked more like a Greek God then a Roman.

So on this night I had an epic journey that led the Roman to meet a Gypsy. This Gypsy was a beautiful girl who now I AM IN A RELATIONSHIP with. We have been dating for some time now and its going really good.

ADVICE: if your in a relationship go get your girl some flowers just because its a Tuesday then she will treat you like its your birthday later on that night. I don't know why girls like flowers but I like the fact that my investment always pays off.