The Zeller Diet

Food Rules
Rule 1: Do not have more then 1150 calories a day
Rule 2: Never eat any carbs such as bread and pasta (Atkins Diet)
Rule 3: Always eat breakfast and make sure not to eat over 150 calories.
            Best things to eat are Light Yogurts, Egg Whites, Bananas
Rule 4: Treat yourself at the end of the day with a 100 calorie ice cream
Rule 5: For dinner have a protein like Steak or Grilled Chicken
Rule 6: For Lunch try to eat foods that have high water content like fruits and vegetables
Rule 7: Drink 4 Quarts a Day of Crystal Light or Water (If soda, only diet)
            Best flavors are Peach, Green Tea Raspberry, and Lemon
Rule 8: Make sure to drink 2 glasses of water when you wake up and before you go to sleep
Rule 9:  Have a afternoon snack of 2 slices of cheese or small handful of peanuts
Rule 10: If you think you might pass out, just go take a nap

Exercise Rules
Rule 1: Play sports activity for 1 hour each day
Rule 2: Use the treadmill or elliptical, or jog outside for 1 hour each day.
Rule 3: If you want, only do weight lifting after second week and then only use light weights
Drinking Rules
Rule 1: Take shots of vodka or mix drinks and only use diet soda. (using crystal light as chaser might cause vomiting the next day when drinking the 4 liters of CL)
Rule 2: Limit yourself to only one beer if you really need to have one. (make sure its a light beer)
Rule 3: Drink Fast to get drunk fast
Rule 4: Avoid Late night snacks at all cost, and drink two bottles of water before going to bed.
Rule 5: If you drink too much, do ...... (you know what i am talking about)

This is the best diet. This diet allows you to have a big weight loss is an short about of time. This is a free diet blog. This diet blog gives good free advice and I blog about how my diet affects my life. Losing weight is hard but this diet helps with weight loss. Use this diet blog as encouragement for yourself