Tuesday, October 5, 2010

First Video Blog of Gym and More!

I woke up real early this morning to go to the gym before work today. I now belong to the New York Sports Club located on Wall Street. The first video is of me on the elliptical machine. 

I am not special needs but you do see my hand bobbing in the background because I was dancing to the music videos I was watching on the T.V.
This picture was taken when I finished my time on the elliptical to show you the results.

So I have a snack drawer at work. Its file holder that I use to store my snacks and today I bought Dove Dark Chocolate candies to eat during the day to give me energy. They also taste so fucking good and thats the other problem. I eat way to many of them.

This part is of me walking to work after I stopped at the store to buy candy.

So today for lunch I went to Good Cheeseburger and got a double cheeseburger and fries. The burger was good but not as good as Jakes Wayback Hamburgers, which are the best burgers around.

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