Tuesday, October 12, 2010

train ride home

so i just got done with the gym and im on the train going home. i am sitting next to this huge fat grotesk women with a bag of Mcdonalds. she just finished two cheeseburgers and large fries and is currently in the process of downing a milkshake in record speed. if only she could run as fast as she can suck she wouldnt be a beachback whale in the making. seeing this only gives me more reason to get my ass to the gym to loose weight and look sexxy for all you dime pieces out there. Zeller is back and hes on his grind. she just finished the milkshake and has a lil bit dripping of her chin. other news...... i ran on the treadmill today with great sucess.

Btw this is first time blotting and posting from my phone

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